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Books on Forced Genital Cutting (FGM - IGM - MGM)

    "Desert Flower" "Lessons from the Intersexed"
    • by Suzanne J. Kessler (Rutgers University Press, 1998 [ISBN 0-8153-2529-2])

    "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision: Untold Facts on America's Most Widely Performed - and Most Unnecessary - Surgery"

    • by Paul M. Fleiss, MD, and Frederick M. Hodges, DPhil. (online)

    "Questioning Circumcision, A Jewish Perspective"
    • - Ronald Goldman, Ph.D., Foreward by Rabbi Raymond Singer, Ph.D. [ISBN 0-9644895-6-2] (Vanguard Publications)

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Books on Foreskin Restoration

Note: (Non-Surgical restoration is considered the best method)

    "The Joy of Uncircumcising!" 2nd Edition
    - Jim Bigelow, Ph.D.
    [ISBN 0-934061-22-X]
    (1998, Hourglass Book Publishing)
    (contact NORM for information on availiablity)

    "Sex As Nature Intended It:"
    "The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love, but No One Could Tell You Until Now"
    by Kristen O'Hara, Jeffrey O'Hara
    [ISBN: 0970044216]
    (2001, Turning Point Publications, MA)
    Available on

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Genital Anatomy web sites

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"The sexual rights of future generations will be won by a small but rapidly growing movement of human rights activists who brave ignorance, ridicule, a century of conventional wisdom and their own instinctive need for denial to respond to a human being's highest calling: the defense of the powerless." - Rich Winkel

"The whole key to the circumcision issue is that it is an irreversible body modification without therapeutic need carried out without consent." - John D. Dalton

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The Ashley Montagu Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of Children Worldwide: A Petition to the World Court, the Hague

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