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Dr. Dean Edell discusses the misleading and unsound arguments in the current drive to circumcise Africa.

No one has the right to cut off any part of someone else's genitals without that person's competent, fully informed consent. - Paul M. Fleiss M.D. Issue 85, Winter 1997, Mothering Magazine

Students for Genital Integrity (SGI) is group committed to ending the pratice of forced genital cutting; a human rights abuse perpetuated on children by adults. This abuse is often done in order to conform the body to a particular society's concepts of aesthetics and normality.

Forced genital cutting includes:

* Female Genital Cutting (FGC)
* "Sexual reassignment surgery" on intersex children (IGC)
* Male Genital Cutting (MGC)
* Routine episiotomy

Together SGI considers these genital cutting practices forms of Human Genital Cutting (HGC) and when combined with misinformation and forceful attitudes it becomes abusive.

SGI campaigns locally and nationally working to dispel the myths and misconceptions that surround forced genital cutting. This is accomplished through awareness campaigns targeting students, parents, teachers, and health care providers.

Many victims of forced genital cutting believe it violates, and has violated, their basic human rights. Learn more about this important issue and SGI's effort to bring about change and be sure to check out the links page for further information.

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ARCLAW Helpling Victims of Forced Genital Cutting Pursue Jusitice

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